Principles Of Work

The main values of the company Salteh Oy are clients and client’s trust. Salteh Oy can present interest of customer as well as interest of seller.

Salteh Oy begins to work in the interest of client after a conclusion of an agreement about choosing, expert, buying and selling of the object, where there are all bargain conditions. According to the agreement our specialists consult clients during of all stages of a bargain.

Also we can conclude the contract about designing, construction or management of the real estates, belonging to the client.

When the client chooses some preliminarily objects, Salteh Oy makes an expert, demonstration of this objects, check-up all documents, and assists to the customer to prepare and to make a bargain.

Clients pay the honorarium for the transaction of the purchase or sale just after the singing of documents confirming purchase of object, according to the condition of the contract-assignment.

Salteh Oy has the following principles:

  • To give customers professional assistance and objective information;
  • To make only legal and safe bargain with the properties;
  • To save time, money and power of the customers;
  • To save full confidence of the conditions and way of the transaction;
  • To take care of the customer’s interests after the end of the transaction;
  • To reflect all actions and the responsibility of the parties in the clear form in the contract-assignment, which is not causing client’s objections.

Salteh Oy always demonstrates reliability and kind attitude to our customers, that‘s why 60% of clients come to us on the recommendation of friends.

Recently directly investments to property purchase in Finland are increased. There is a considerable lowering of risk in comparison with another countries of Europe, Russia and the CIS, as economic – because of stable increase of Finnish economy, and political – because of the state system in Finland, the international situation, membership in the European Union.

According to the real legislation, foreigners can have a property in Finland now. Therefore number of bargains with foreigners is growing up. Basically there are citizens of Russia. There is a lot of inhabitants of Sankt-Peterburg. It is very comfortable to get Finland for holidays and weekend by car, train, bus, aircraft and water transport for Russian citizens, who have property there. Investment to property objects in Finland, especially in the South part, is more popular for inhabitants of Moscow because of developing of transport possibilities, comfortable and quick train transport and building of new high – speed roads.