Purchase Of The Land And Other Real Estate With Salteh Oy

To get the ground in Finland it is not so difficult. As for authorities of the country important that it is repaid in the form of taxes, the state is interested in foreign investments. And foreigners, including Russians actively use, buying plots under building. There are not essential distinctions between purchase of land and purchase of the house or an apartment. Unique difference - at purchase of land is required the sanction from local authorities.

Construction on the got land

At purchase of a plot for building, the future proprietor should acquire the right to construction and the sanction to construction of concrete object with its description at institutions of local government. This right can be received already during purchase of the plot. Usually it operates without additional updating about 20 years. In the sanction are specified the basic general conditions of construction, for example, the area, quantity of floors, building materials. The sanction to construction is given out at representation of the concrete construction plan, usually for three years from the moment of its statement. The company-contractor supervises over construction. At a choice of the project of the house, it is necessary to consider building restrictions of the territory cadastral plan, where the plot is located, restrictions on quantity of structures, quantity of floors, an inclination of a roof, color and a material of the house. A tree is the most popular material for construction in Finland.

Wooden houses are built worldwide during thousand years. Modern technologies have reached perfection, and it is no wonder, that northern countries, mainly, Finland have achieved the greatest successes in it. Fidelity to traditions and constant progress continues to improve technologies and materials from year to year.

Our company renders a full complex of services on houses construction in Finland. If you have got the plot, you should only build it up. SALTEH оу will help you. Our company has six-years experience of construction in the territory of Finland. According to laws, on building object should be appointed – responsible person for designing and building, responsible person of sewer systems and the construction superintendent. All of them should have licenses for corresponding activity and an operational experience. The project of a country house nearby 70-100 sq. m. on the basis of typical decisions is estimated in 2,5 - 3,5 thousand euro. This sum is included the architect project, electro posting projects and sewer system. Average cost of one square meter of the useful area of a cottage construction makes nearby 1,9 thousand euro.

Mortgage in finland

In Finland hypothecary crediting is well developed. Any bank can give out the credit both legal, and to the private person. For this purpose it is necessary to give the valid passport, the information on incomes (monthly salary of the borrower should be at least twice more, than payment) and the preliminary contract of sale and purchase of the real estate. To get the hypothecary credit, the borrower should have on the bank account the sum from 15 up to 30 % from cost of planned purchase. Banks, as a rule, cover no more than 70 % from market cost of the real estate. Term of the credit is from 15 till 30 years, and the interest rate - 3,9 % annual.

The buyer registers the got property at once. The Russian banks do not give hypothecary credits for purchase of the real estate in Finland, however give consultation on crediting and procedure of purchase. If the credit does not come back in time bank sells the incorporated property. The debts against bank, including interests on credit, are raised from the obtained means. The bank has no right autocratically to withdraw object from the borrower. Procedure occurs only under the decision of court.