Sale Of Land And Other Objects Of Real Estate With Salteh Oy

If the proprietor has decided to sell object of the real estate in Finland the profit tax will not be raised from sale if the object was in the property more than two years. If term of possession is less than two years it is necessary to pay to the state 28 % from the profit received from sale.

The profit from sale is estimated as a difference of the sum of sale and the sum of purchase of the real estate. At sale of the real estate, in Finland the seller pays for realtor service, in our case - Salteh Oy.

These expenses are inevitable, because it is impossible to sell the house in Finland independently, it is necessary to spend the transaction through the agent. Only the certificated Finnish firms can make transactions with the real estate in Finland. Also, it is possible to address to the Russian realtors who work as the intermediary with the Finnish certificated partners.

Demand For Real Estate In Finland

Rates of purchase by Russians of the real estate grow in Finland by leaps and bounds. If in 2003 in the market of the real estate it has been enclosed by Russians of the order of three millions euro, in 2007 the sum has grown up to 75 million euro. Demand for the real estate at the coast of the biggest Finnish lake Saimaa is growing. Practically, almost each second euro in area Sulkava is Russian. Russians have especial demand objects in Southern and East Finland.

According to data of the Center of Development of Land Institute, Juhani Vaananen, the share of owners from Russian in the city Savonlinna has made 15 %, in the city Aanekoski – 23 % and in the city Sulkava – 13 %.

Characteristically, what Russians get rather expensive objects, therefore in recalculation for euro the share of the got real estate from total amount of investments in Sulkava has made 43 %, in Aanekoski - 27 % and in Savonlinna – 23 %.

In a role of sellers of the real estate the first place was borrowed with the owners of the private real estate, the second place - municipalities and the companies. A share of foreign proprietors of the real estate in 1992 - 2004 was at the same level. Later the share of foreign investments in the real estate began to grow and in 2007 has grown in four times.

The market has increased from 10 million euro up to almost 100 million euro. The share of transactions of Russians has made 76 %. The share of citizens of EU, who got the real estate in Finland, has made 11 % and a share of inhabitants of Scandinavia – 2 %.

Nevertheless in Finland the share of transactions with foreign citizens makes nearby 1 %. The quantity of transactions with the real estate in the last year has made 850, though the other years the number of transactions was equaled 200 - 300 in a year.