Legal Support

In interests of the clients, Salteh Oy provides legal support of the real estate projects and offers the following kinds of services:

  • Legal maintenance of commercial operation and realization of objects of the real estate (rent, sale and purchase, management and so on);
  • Carrying out of complex legal check of bought objects, support of transactions on objects, support of investment projects;
  • Support of the decision of land-property questions, including tenders, registration of the rights, carrying out land works;
  • Support of town-planning questions, including legal support of development of the town-planning documents, registration and reception of the allowing documents and coordination and so on;
  • Representation of customer interests in authorities;
  • Legal support of activity of companies-clients;
  • Legal maintenance investment (developing) projects and transactions with the real estate of a various complexity. The client gets not only legal support, but also practical realization of actions “On a turn-key basis”;
  • Preparation, support of the conclusion and execution of contracts with the contract building organizations, architects, suppliers and so on;
  • Preparation, support of the conclusion and execution of contracts of rent and sale and purchase of object;
  • Preparation, support of the conclusion and execution of contracts with the counterparts, operating company, others operational organizations and suppliers of resources;
  • Reception of sanctions to re-planning or re-equipment of objects;
  • Conducting current activity in interests of the client in the field of observance of corporate norms, labour and others civil and legal relations.

Registration of legal person in finland

You can get the real estate and register it on the legal person. The legislation of Finland does not impose restrictions on the foreigners, wishing to found the enterprise. It is possible to make in following organizational-legal forms: the private businessman, the partnership, the open joint-stock company with the limited liability, the closed joint-stock company with limited liability, cooperative society.

Cost of services on registration of the legal person in Finland makes nearby 1 thousand euro. All procedure borrows about six weeks.

At registration of a firm one of founders should be the resident of the European Union, or (for registration of business with 100 % foreign participation) it is required of sanction of the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland. For this purpose you should direct the notice in duplicate on the special form (in Finnish or Swedish language). After that the society joins in the Trading register of Finland and gets the status of the legal person. For the registration of non-resident of the European Union in Finland as to the private businessman it is necessary to have a sanction to work and residence permit in this country. The businessman individually owns and operates the business in Finland and bears the unlimited responsibility on debts and obligations of private enterprise.

The partnership is established by a minimum two persons without necessity of payment of any capital. Operation of business is carried out according to the constituent contract.

The open joint-stock company with limited liability can be founded by one shareholder. The minimal size of the authorized capital makes 80 thousand euro; it should be brought within a month from the moment of company registration. The Board of directors operates the company, where at least two persons should be residents of the European Union. For the closed joint-stock company the minimal size of the capital is equal 8 thousand euro, and the majority of directors should be residents of EU.

Such form of enterprise activity in Finland, as the cooperative society, is seldom used by foreign investors, however all founders of cooperative society (a minimum three) have the right to be non-residents of the European Union.

All registered enterprises in Finland, irrespective of an ownership form, are obliged to conduct book keeping and to hand over the periodic reporting. For the removed business dealing in Finland it is necessary to consult to the lawyer.

The Finnish companies and cooperative societies pay the profit tax under the rate in 28 %. Partnerships are not considered as independent subjects of the taxation in Finland. The income of partnerships is distributed between participants according to their shares and assessed with the tax in a place of their stay. The income of the private businessman is assessed with surtax on an ascending scale, as the personal income of the physical person.