The Modern Market Of The Real Estate In Finland

Recently directly investments to property purchase in Finland are increased. There is a considerable lowering of risk in comparison with another countries of Europe, Russia and the CIS, as economic – because of stable increase of Finnish economy, and political – because of the state system in Finland, the international situation, membership in the European Union.

Even in conditions of the world economic crisis market of the real estate in Finland shows the stability. In the region of South Carelia the number of bargain of property’s purchase by juridical and physical persons was growing up from 39 to 249 from the period of 2004 – 2007. It is more than 6 times.

It means that:

  • Ecological situation in Finland is better than in the majority of the European countries, and better than in the European part of Russia.
  • The price of plots of land for building for private and commercial using is rather small. The market price of a plot of land on the shore of lakes, no less than 0,3 – 4 hectares, in 3 – 4 times less than the plot in the districts near Moscow.
  • In Finland there are some vacant places till now, for building, near clean and beautiful lakes with a lot of fish, in the well-groomed forest. These places are with electricity, modern community, and good roads.

Number of bargains with foreigners is growing up. Basically there are citizens of Russia. There is a lot of inhabitants of Sankt-Peterburg.

Finland is quite near to Russian Federation and citizens of Russia live there as constantly, and in the days off and during holiday. Investment to property objects in Finland, especially in the South part, is more popular for inhabitants of Moscow and among inhabitants of more remote regions of Russia because of developing of transport possibilities, comfortable and quick train transport and building of new high – speed roads.

There are three categories of buyers from Russia - businessmen (who conduct the business connected with Finland), skiers and summer residents. Summer residents like forest, lakes, Suomi rivers. Forest in Finland is really in an ideal condition. A lot of tourists like landscapes with small villas near the river. To buy real estates in Finland looks rather seductively if you add the best Finnish service, faultless quality of the transport ways, full absence of underworld and excellent fishing. Besides realtors bring additional specification: some peoples don’t like to change the climate. Long flights and southern breadthes are not for all persons. If you have a hypertension or other intimate diseases, it will be better to rest in Finland than to be fried in the Emirates.

Our compatriots are interesting in Finland not so long ago, after buying of real estates in Cyprus, Spain and other hot countries. At first the cost of purchase of a small typical apartment in the usual panel house was improbably low – up $ 35 000. The similar prices were characteristic for sparsely populated areas of average and northern parts of the country. But is was only a short time - soon the Russian fans of mountain-skiing slopes have understood value of similar purchases and began to buy time havens for seasonal pleasures.

Increase of demand and the limited quantity of the sold real estate (first of all plots on coast of lakes) have led to increase in cost of objects.

In the schedule data about growth of average cost of one transaction with the real estate on region Southern Karelia are cited from 2004 to 2007 (euro).

The price of plots near lakes is growing up more active. The middle price of one object (the area from 0,35 hectares to 0,5 hectares), sale for building, in 2006 was 60 000 euro, and in 2007 – 100 000 euro. In opinion of experts, the tendency to increase in cost of the ground and other real estate in Finland will be kept the nearest 5-7 years, even in conditions of a present economic crisis.