Real Estate Acquisition

Choose Of Real Estate With Salteh Oy

When you choose property, you need to know some factors, influenced on the price. The size of object, technical condition, availability of reservoir or another natural objects, for example - is it on the shore of a river or lake, is it far from roads, communications, relief, area of building, species of soil, characteristic of ground and so on. There are objective factors. But there are some subjective factors. Responsibility for the third persons, deposit, liabilities, penalty, arrest of the property, limit of building and architecture, and a lot of things, which can complicate to exploitation of the property as well as to pay more money and to refuse the building.

Salteh Oy, at the stage of choosing of object in the customer’s interest, carefully studies all characteristic of property and makes its expert conclusions and recommendations on every concrete object. Qualified staff of Salteh Oy let every customer to make correct and optimum choice.

Salteh Oy always demonstrates reliability and kind attitude to our customers, that‘s why 60% of clients come to us on the recommendation of friends.

Purchase Of Real Estate With The Help Of Salteh Oy

After the choice of the real estate and after expert by Salteh Oy of all documents about juridical rights and absence of burdening and limits, the company draws up the transaction of sale and purchase and signs of necessary documents.

At this stage there can be some difficulties. At the moment of signing of a contract, when there is an assignation of property rights, and in a case of area without building, the sum total must be transfer to the seller’s account. Realization of this thing is secure with:

  • Client should have personal account in the Finnish bank;
  • Client should have at his personal account the sum of full price of the property.

Citizens of Russian Federation have the legal right to open a personal account in the Finnish banks.

Salteh Oy, if it is necessary in interaction with the companies LEXTORA OY and FINNISH LOG HOUSE OY, according to the agreement conditions, helps the clients to open an account in Finnish banks for special financial steps of purchase and building of the property, and advice on following questions:

  • Transfer of money from Russian, European and American banks;
  • Documental confirmation of an origin of means;
  • SOLO agreement for electronic payments;
  • Bank card for using of cash dispense or VISA Electron;
  • Opening of the memory account in Finland.

For the purchase of the real estate you need to have a currant passport. If it is buying by a juridical person (not resident of Finland), in addition you need special document, confirmed the right to sign a bill of sale. The document must be signed with a notary and translated into Finnish language.

For the transaction of sale and purchase of the real estate it is necessary to prepare some papers:

  • The bill of sale;
  • A list of burdening of the property;
  • Copying from the land registration;
  • Documents, confirming the border of a plot of land;

The bill of sale has the following information:

  • Identification of object;
  • The price of a bargain and the way of payment;
  • The date of transfer of the right for property and the date of the right of the order property;
  • Responsibility of the sizes to pay tax;
  • A list of burdening of the property;
  • Distribution of the sizes to insure the object;
  • Information about the customer and the seller.

The sign of the bill of sale is with a notary or an official person. An official person is present at the signing of the bill, checks the documents and checks the right of drawing up the contract. The official person confirms the bargain with the signature of the bill.

You need to know that when you transfer the money from the border to Finland, Finnish banks check the source of means and legality of monetary operation of a reason to obstacle to money - laundering.

After the transfer of the rights of property and payment of tax (4 % of the sum of a bargain) the bargain is registered in the law-court at the place of the property. For the registration you need only one document – the bill of sale. The time of registration is not more than one month. After this a new owner will be in the register of the landowner (the owner of the real estate).

Versions Of Objects Of Real Estate

Apartments - the most usual apartment with one, two, three or more bedrooms. Such variants, as loft or duplex can be interesting to you.

Loft - an apartment at two levels connected by an intraroom ladder, located on the center, but, unlike a duplex, the second level is not separated from the first by continuous overlapping. That part which is on both parties of a ladder is separated only. The second floor hangs above the first.

Duplex - an apartment in two levels connected among themselves by an intraroom ladder. Very often such habitation has the open or closed terraces and is located on last floor.

There are some versions of private houses – chalet, townhouse or villa.

Chalet - a country house executed from a stone and a tree or entirely from a tree. The distinctive characteristic of such construction - hung above the base of the house a roof, which protects a porch from a rain.

Townhouse – it is tow- or a three-tier cottage, which adjoins several more same cottages, but with a separate input and own small garden.

Villa - the separate house, it is obligatory with the site and outside of city, it is usual near to a reservoir (on a coast of lakes, in the forest).