Realty management

At management of financial - economic activities, the major parameter is the effective management of incomes and charges of the real estate objects. As any object of the real estate is not similar to another, Salteh Oy develops, special for each client, the separate concept of the real estate management to provide the greatest possible economic efficiency of the concrete object. It concerns any objects of the real estate (a cottage, a country house, villa, shopping center, the industrial enterprise, a rest house and so on).

Salteh Oy will provide the greatest possible efficiency, operating the real estate object, which is in the property of the client.

The transparency of account system of incomes, charges and the rendered services allows developing the optimum strategy of management of financial and economic activity of the real estate objects. It extends on all aspects of activity: book keeping, the analysis of working costs, system of works with tenants, development and control of execution of contracts by counterparts.

For maintenance of the best service of the real estate of our client, Salteh Oy flexibly coordinates work of various experts. It is guaranteed to our clients all-round and constant service, and all engineering systems and technics will smoothly work, in case of need, 365 days in a year.

By geographical affinity, it is easy to petersburgers to contain the real estate in Finland – they can check up Finnish house at weekend.

But if the owner of the real estate takes more removed place of residing or it is difficult to visit the property, basically, it is possible to address for the help to the operating company. But there is not a lot of the operating company in Finland. And it is a problem. It is possible to find the company in Helsinki, which will look after habitation, but nobody goes to wash a window in your country house far than 20 km from the capital.

Usually, in this case, with a problem of management and service of the real estate, buyers address to us, if the purchase was carried out through Salteh oy. Our agent will help the client to find tenants, to agree with the company, which will repair, re-planning or, for example, will replace leaked water pipes.

It is necessary to know, that Russian realtor and operating firms and companies are only intermediaries, because for activity it is necessary to have the corresponding certificate, and only Finnish firm can receive it in Finland.

Delivery of the real estate in rent

Leasing habitation, it is possible not only to cover expenses for its maintenance, but also to receive the additional income. Foreigners have the full right to earn on the Finnish houses, under condition of payment of corresponding taxes. Owners of the real estate, joint-stock company or the private person, pay the identical tax rate from the taken profit. It makes 28 % from the sum of the received profit of a year. There is not takes the general profit, you should pay the difference from the received incomes and the sums of all charges under the maintenance of concrete object of the real estate (the tax to the real estate, an electricity, water, export of dust, etc.).

Conditions of rent are standard and did not vary from the end of 90th years, any restrictions on terms or the sizes of the rent are not presented. In Finland for last 10 years the average rent rate on apartments and houses has grown more, than twice. The average cost of rent of the house makes 1,5 thousand euro a week. The price of apartment delivery, also, as well as the price of its sale, depends on city and area. 3 rooms’ apartment in the center of Helsinki costs 1-1,2 thousand euro a month. The same apartment in suburb costs 600 -700 euro. And the same apartment in Lahti, Tampere or Lappeenranta costs already from 300 to 500 euro for a month. The revenue of rent of the real estate in Helsinki makes 4,5-6,2 % from a project cost of the real estate, in view of inflation.

The market of rent is widely developed, because demand for cottages in Finland is stable during a long time. By estimations of experts, demand exceeds the offer. Basically Russian owners hand over the Finnish houses to the compatriots - to Petersburgers, Muscovites, who go in a neighbouring country to fish, hunt and drive on skis. Therefore, the most active seasons coincide with the majority of the Russian holidays: the Christmas, New Year, May holidays, and summer. As Russians basically remove habitation in Finland, there is no a language barrier, it is possible to hand over the house through Internet, bulletin boards, printed catalogues and newspapers or directly communicating with the tenant. In this case, it is possible to save on commission fee for tour agency or realtor agencies.

The most popular places of rest for Russians, and rent of cottages are a southeast Finland and the north of the country, Lapland. Under forecasts of experts, the general rise in prices on rent of the real estate in all Finland will make 3,1 % in 2009.