Real Estate Services

Salteh Oy provides complex service of objects of the real estate, including:

  • Professional cleaning of all types of premises (office, inhabited, industrial, medical, etc.);
  • Organization of a protection service and fire safety (including development of the concept, maintenance of installation and service of technical systems);
  • Creation and service of the power supply system;
  • Service of engineering communications, the equipment and technical systems of buildings and constructions;
  • Management of financial and economic activity of objects of the property.

Service it is mainly single service for supporting of demanded operational suitability of objects. We preliminary coordinate the corresponding plan of preventive actions with the client. As a rule, such plan is made for 5 years and supplemented with the programs of preventive maintenance for the nearest year.

The condition of technical systems influences not only uninterrupted operation of course of its working process, but also on the price of the real estate. Our service is organized in view of features of object and the equipment, and also specific requirements of the client. It concerns as the industrial enterprises, office buildings, and any other objects.

Salteh Oy provides carrying out of regular cleaning of premises and territories, snow and dust export. At will of clients, it can be a single complex cleaning (“ General”) of premises. Usually it includes a sink of floors, cleaning of carpet coverings, a sink of windows and cleaning of bathrooms, and also cleaning of any other surfaces, according to needs of the customer. Salteh Oy cleans premises and territories after the termination of construction. For each concrete case Salteh Oy develops the individual list of works and concludes the contract with the client.

For maintenance of complex safety of object of the real estate, Salteh Oy inspects and defines the most effective tactics of its protection, offers the client corresponding technical decisions, realizes them and provides effective operation.

The Maintenance Of Real Estate In Finland

Cost of the maintenance of the real estate in Finland develops of two parameters: the annual tax to property and municipal payments. However, as these parameters depend on a site and the area of the house or an apartment final cost varies. Frequently, the maintenance of identical houses in the next communes cannot coincide because of a difference of the rate of the tax in each commune. It depends on cadastral cost of the ground, where there is a house or an apartment, and is annually defined by local municipality. Therefore, at purchase of the house in Finland, it is recommended to find out in advance from the realtor the annual tax established by local authorities to the real estate for the given commune.

Taxes, Payments, Municipal Payments

Depending on region and the area of object, the annual tax to the real estate in Finland makes from 0,3 up to 1 % estimated (cadastral) project cost. As a rule, it is much below market. For constant residents (the persons living on given object of the real estate) the tax rate decreases twice and makes 0,15-0,5 % from estimated cost. However, our compatriots are under this definition only in case of constant living in Finland.

If in possession there is a ground area under construction, while it is not completed, the tax to the ground makes 1- 3 % from the same cadastral cost. After the termination of construction it is necessary to pay the tax established by the local standard - both on a plot, and on the constructions in its territory.

At purchase of the real estate it is necessary to pay attention to heating system in the house or an apartment. In cities there is central heating system, behind city - electric heating system. In 2008 the cost of the electric power of 1 kw-h is 0,1 euro in Finland. The basic expenses go to heating in Finland. In the account sent by mail, besides cost of heating and electricity, there are charges on water, so the final account depends on consumption of water.

Owners of separately costing houses pay the obligatory insurance of property from a fire, gathering on the maintenance of roads and dust export (70 – 90 euro in a year). And owners of apartments (omakotitalo) are compelled to pay for cleaning a territory near a house (70-90 euro in a year). And approximately 2 – 3 euro in a month for “a square” there are charges on payment of the personnel, operating repair, dust export and such exotic for the Russians, but absolutely normal to Finns, as the maintenance of a sauna and a laundry (they are practically in any apartment house). The sum of payments can also vary because of joint-stock company.

Thus, the maintenance of the real estate in Finland depends, finally, on the purpose of purchase. If the apartment is bought for living, its maintenance, for example near Helsinki, with the tax to the real estate, the insurance and other costs will manage in 100 – 150 euro in month. And the maintenance of a typical cottage in 150 sq. m. manages to the proprietor in 120-150 euro in a month. If you live during 1-2 months in a year your charges of the house in 100 sq. m. will manage nearby 1 thousand euro a year. This sum includes expenses for electricity, water, the tax and the insurance. If you live during all years period and, partially, in the winter, without economy on water and with a boiler, of the house in120 sq. m. you will pay nearby 2,13 thousand euro a year.

Owners get accounts for municipal payments and notices on payment of the annual tax by mail. If the owner has no opportunity to take away them personally, and then makes bank translation from Russia it is more reasonable to open the current account in the Finnish bank (about opening the account look section “Procedure of Purchase”). In this way notices will come to bank, which automatically removes the necessary sum from the account and sends all payments for the maintenance of the house. Then, the bank directs to the holder of the account the report with decoding expenses. At purchase of the house realtors advise such bank services and usually help in it.